Flipping the Gym

Flipping the Gym

Author: Kaleb Curnow

This tutorial is an example of how one could flip a gym based class. One may not usually think of a flipped classroom when it comes to physical education classes but that is not the case. This example can be used for any subject matter.

This is an example of how one could flip a class leaning about soccer strategies. 

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How Can I Flip the Gym?

In this tutorial, I will be assigning a lesson to my students that we will later discuss in class the following day.

The 3-4-3 System of Play

This video is an excellent description of how to set up and utilize a 3-4-3 set. I want you to watch this video and take the quiz before you come to class tomorrow. Also there is an assignment for you to begin. You will have about 30 minutes or so to discuss your assignment with your peers in class so I suggest you at least start on it before you come to class.

Source: Youtube.com

Your Assignment

Your assignment is to write a short reaction to the 3-4-3 set. Include in your reaction where this set is strong, where it is weak, and what type of teams you would and would not play this set against. Also, if you were a coach would your team play this set? Why or why not? And how would you attack a team who plays this set?