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Flipping with the iPad

Flipping with the iPad


This tutorial will demonstrate how to use several iPad apps in conjunction with Sophia.  Students will import an iPad generated presentation in a Sophia tutorial.

This tutorial shows how to incorporate ShowMe, Educreations, and iPad movies into tutorials.

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iPad apps to use in flipping your lessons

This screencast made on screencastomatic will introduce several iPad apps to use in flipping lessons.

ShowMe app on ipad to

Watch this video on how to use your ShowMe account to get your ShowMe presentations from your ipad to very quickly.  Click here to see the video.  This screencast was created with Jing.  I saved the Jing screencast in my Public Dropbox folder and shared the link here.

P.S. You can also create student accounts on this ShowMe site.  After creating a student account here, you receive an email with the student's username and password.  Give this to your student and then the student has access to your ShowMe videos right after you create them.  No more work for you!!!  Technology is amazing, isn't it?

Ipad apps used to create

Check out Mrs. Widden's Blog about ipad creation apps.  You or your students can use these to show that they know the material. Click here to see her blog.

Remember this:


Source: Mrs. Widden's Blog

Mrs. Widden's Blog on Ipad Apps Used in Creating

Some of these apps are great to use in flipping.  Many of them can be used by your students in creating assignments as well. Click here to see her blog.

Remember this:

How We Learn
10% of what we READ
20% of what we HEAR
30% of what we SEE
50% of what we SEE and HEAR
70% of what is DISCUSSED with OTHERS
95% of what we TEACH TO SOMEONE ELSE
~William Glasser

Source: Mrs. Widden's Blog

making videos with your iPad

Making videos with your iPad is easy and convenient. However, it can be problematic to get some of your longer videos off your iPad. Attached is a .pdf file that instructs you on how to get the iPad movie (.mov) file off your iPad and onto a PC. We will be converting the .mov file to an .avi file. You can also convert your file to a .mp4 file on Pazera. Keep in mind: when using your iPad to create videos, make sure the Home button is to the right (using landscape orientation) or the bottom (using portrait orientation). This will prevent the videos from showing upside down when you convert them to .avi or .mp4 files.


Useless Apps on your ipad

With so many people creating apps, there are new ones to choose from every day. I came across this youtube video of Ellen Degeneres speaking about some of the useless apps she has found. It is hysterical. (Sometimes we just need to have a little fun!)

Source: YouTube from the Ellen DeGeneres Show

YouTube Capture

   YouTube released Capture as a simple video recording and uploading app for iOS in December of 2012, and the app has apparently filled a void: A third of all videos uploaded from iOS now come from Capture, according to a blog post published on YouTube’s Creators blog. Capture now has the ability to trim clips and combine multiple clips to a single video.

The YouTube Capture app adds simple editing features to the app and also includes YouTube’s catalog of licensed music to make it easier to add a soundtrack that won’t get your video blocked on the site.

It is a free and easy app.  The best part about it is that it is a quick and easy upload to your YouTube account and you can sync your current videos into this app, so any video previously made or ones that you make after downloading this app will automatically appear in YouTube capture.

You can record a video by tapping and holding the red button, while releasing the button stops it recording so that users can shoot short clips and stitch them together easily.

All of the short clips you shoot appear together in a small bubble at the top-right corner, which you can tap to start editing them into a single video. In the video editing mode, you can tap any clip to trim it, drag-and-drop clips to rearrange the order, or simply remove it. You can also add an existing clip or video from your device’s storage into the new arrangement.

Of course, you can still use the old-school method of tapping once to start recording and tapping again to stop.

There’s no limit on the length of the video clips to record,  however, you need to remember that YouTube's limit for a total video is 15 minutes, unless you have gone in to your YouTube account and gotten permission to upload larger videos.  To receive this permission:   Log in to your YourTube account and Click on Upload, Uploading Instructions, and then Help and Subscription and then upload videos more than 15 minutes.  Follow the instructions.  You must enter your phone number so that YouTube will send a verification code to your phone that you will need to use to get the permission.

What’s a video without music? Hit the ‘Add Music’ button and you will be given an option to add a track that’s stored on your device or choose from the copyright-free soundtracks YouTube has provided .

When you’re done, tap the Arrow, give it a title and upload the video to YouTube, along with selecting which networks to share it on.