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Flipping Your Classroom

Flipping Your Classroom

Author: Ron Burke

Teachers learning to take advantage of technology to flip their class often love what they see when presented with the notion, but don't know where to start. Teachers will gain a better understanding of what a flip is, how they can flip via a couple examples, and learn about some resources that can assist them in their flip.

"Flipped instruction" refers to moving aspects of teaching out of the classroom and into the homework time space. With the advent of new technologies, specifically the ability to record digitally annotated and narrated screencasts, instructional videos have become a common medium in the flipped classroom.

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Lecturing doesn't cut it anymore...


Flipping Your Classroom

Teachers learning to flip need to learn what a 'flip' is and how it can be done. This presentation can get that mindset started in preparation to flip lessons.


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