Food Chains and Food Webs

Food Chains and Food Webs

Author: Alfredo Cortez
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Formative Assessment Food Web Example-Cooperative Learning

Think-Pair-Shair=Food Chains and Food Webs

First Step: place students in groups of four and have them listen to a question posed by the teacher. (Give an example of producers found in the ocean ?)

Second Step: Individual students are given time to think and write their responses.

Third Step: pairs of students read and discuss their responses

Fourth Step: A few students are called on by the teacher to share their thoughts and ideas with the whole class.

Formative Assessment: Have students create their own food web on large pieces of paper.

Summative Assessment: Students will be given a multiple choice and short answer exam on food chains and food webs.


Food Chain and Food Web PowerPoint

Ocean Food Chain Video