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Food Pyrmid

Food Pyrmid

Author: Jennifer Hack

CCSS Nutrition and Physical Activity, Essential Concepts

Standard 1  1.1.N Classify various foods into appropriate food groups.

Grade level: 2

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What are your favorite foods? Are they healthy for you? Do you know what foods are good for you?

There are 6 food groups that are good for your body. Watch this video song.

Foods groups are Rockin' tonight!

Source: Songs for Teaching. (2013, June 23). Food groups are rocking' tonight [Video file]. Retrieved from

There are 6 food groups.  Breads/Grain, Fruit, Vegetables, Dairy/Milk, and Fats/Oils. All these different food groups make up a food pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid is the Bread/Grain group, the next level is the Fruit and vegetable groups. Then comes the Dairy/Milk group and on top is the Fats/Oil group.

Check out this video from Nellie and Ned and they can tell you all about the food pyramid.

Food Pyramid

Source: Nellie and Ned. (2014, March 18). Food pyramid for children [Video File]. Retrieved from

What types of foods are in the groups?

Bread/ Grain Group

  1. cereal
  2. bread
  3. potatoes

Fruit Group

  1. banana
  2. apple
  3. orange

Vegetable Group

  1. carrots
  2. green beans
  3. broccoli

Dairy Group

  1. milk
  2. yogurt
  3. cheese

Meat Group

  1. Chicken
  2. eggs
  3. meat


  1. butter
  2. olive oil

Click on FOOD PYRAMID to see all the groups in a pyramid.



Inclass Project

Now that you know all about the Food Pyramid, get with a partner and make your own food pyramid using your favorite foods. You can draw the foods using crayons or makers. You may even want to cut out food pictures from magazines.

When you have completed making your food pyramid, make sure and put both of your names on the paper and turn it in to the red box.