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Food Webs

Food Webs

Author: Christine Flugga

To give students a deeper look into food webs and define the differences between them and food pyramids/ food chains.

Food web- the interlocking food chains within an ecological community (Encarta)

This presentation will define the various essential entities within a food web. We all should know how energy is transferred from one species to another.This is also important to know because we can then understand how the loss of even a single species within the food web can have a severe impact on the local ecosystem. 

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What is and What isn't...



Each Part of a food chain or a food web does not make a chain or web on its own.

An individual organism is not a food web.

Populations of organisms are not a food web.



Multiple Species Interacting make up a food web.

Multiple parts of the food web makes up a food web.

Multiple food chains make up a food web.

Food webs contain all of the parts listed on the right.

Food web presentation

Natures Food Pyramid


Food web song to use as a pneumonic device

"This music video teaches about food chains and the pyramid of energy. Watch it a few times and you'll be completely on top of trophic levels and energy transfer." (YouTube)

Source: (n.d.). Retrieved 04 29, 2012, from YouTube: