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Food Webs

Food Webs


Students will use a food web to identify and distinguish producers, consumers, and decomposers, and explain the transfer of energy through trophic levels.  Students will describe how relationships among organisms add to the complexity of biological communities.

This tutorial discusses food webs and the integration of food chains in an ecosystem

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Ecology, Food Webs

This video explains inter-relationships between organism and their environment

Source: Photos from Kenneth R Miller, Ph.D. - Joseph Levine, Ph.D. - New Jersey - Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River - 2004

Marsh Food Web Activity

You will use descriptions of organisms found in a freshwater marsh ecosystem and connect them according to their feeding relationships and the transfer of energy. Each of the biota cards represents a population. You will use this food web to explore the relationships among the organisms/populations in an ecosystem


Ecology App

Using the iPad app Ecology 1 go through the tutorial and then test yourself.

Using the iPad app Ecology 2 go through the tutorial and then test yourself.


You can download these apps on your personal iPad or use the school iPads.