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For Students: How to Get Started with Google Docs

For Students: How to Get Started with Google Docs

Author: Julia Texeira

1. Students will learn what Google Docs does.

2. Students will learn how to log in to Google Docs and create class folders.

3. Students will create a document and share it with me.

Students will learn about the various features of Google Docs, such as word processing and creating presentations, and how they are similar to Microsoft Office.  Students will begin to use these features for in-class and at-home assignments and assessments.

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What can you do with Google Docs?

You can do everything in Google Docs that you used to do with other word processing, etc software:

- create documents/write reports

- make and manipulate spreadsheets

- design presentations

How to Log In to Google Docs


All students have been assigned a Google username= it is your last name first


Your password is the same password you use to log in to the school computer. *THESE TWO PASSWORDS ARE LINKED AND ARE ALWAYS THE SAME!* If you change your computer password, then that automatically becomes your new Google password.



Create Folders

Begin in the upper left corner - the RED CREATE BUTTON

 Click on FOLDER and name it for each subject: math, LA, SS, science - make 4 folders total



You are ready to go!

Click on your SS folder..

Go back to the RED CREATE BUTTON and click on DOCUMENT.

The Last Step - Working With Your First Document

Be sure to put a title on your document first!


LAST NAME and the assignment  (ex. Texeira Native American resources)

Be nice and SHARE:-)

SHARE your document once- you can make as many changes as you want - all the changes will be sent to the teacher automatically! Spelling counts though - you must type the teacher's name correctly or it won't work.

type the in the box - SPELLING COUNTS


make sure it says CAN EDIT on the right of the name

Click SEND on that box and DONE on the next box

TA DA! You've just shared your first document.