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Formal Commands (Mandatos formales) and Indirect Object Pronouns (pronombres de objeto indirecto)

Formal Commands (Mandatos formales) and Indirect Object Pronouns (pronombres de objeto indirecto)

Author: Melissa Schenck

To be able to form formal commands. 

Formal commands can be found in many places: the workplace, public signs, instructions for set-up of devices, ads, and even recipes.  You can use them to address one person, or with a change of a letter, tens, hundreds, thousands or millions!!  Since they are formed only using one method (unlike informal tu commands) you may find them more user friendly.

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Mandatos formales

TAKE NOTES ON WHAT YOU SEE IN THE VIDEO!!! This is for you to use AND for evidence that you watched it!!!

This first video has everything all in one place: regulars, irregulares, boot, car-gar-zar verbs and placement of pronouns. It is, however, a little fuzzy.

---If you can't read what it says, you could do either of the following:
1) watch the second video and then look up "object pronoun placement with commands" on Google and take notes or
2) you listen to this video then look up notes on Google on "formal commands" in Spanish, and the notes you took against them.

Source: trebeojoj/ Youtube

Supplementary Formal Commands Video (NOT required)

Watch this video ONLY if you had trouble reading the notes on the first one. You will have to look up notes on "Pronoun Placement" with formal commands on Google.

Source: senorbelles/ YouTube

Indirect Object Pronouns in Spanish

This video is about indirect object pronouns in Spanish. They answer the question "to or for whom" something is done, like in the English example "I gave the book TO HER" (to whom did you give the book? to HER).

Take notes and write down some examples.

Source: SpanishDict

Mandatos formales y pronombres de objeto indirecto FORM

Please be sure that you took notes on the videos as well as filling out this form. If you cannot fill it out, please email me or write down your answers!

Source: melissa schenck/google drive