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Author: Anthony Varela

This lesson introduces formulas, and demonstrates how to use common formulas, such as compounding interest, area, and volume. 

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Source: All images created by Anthony Varela

Notes on "Formulas"


(00:00 - 00:27) Introducing the Lesson

(00:28 - 01:23) Some Vocabulary

(01:24 - 03:33) Area Formulas

(03:34 - 06:03) Volume Formulas

(06:04 - 08:22) Other Formulas

(08:23 - 09:13) Reviewing our Notes


Terms to Know

A mathematical statement that two expressions or quantities have the same value.


A mathematical rule that relates two or more quantities.


A symbol (usually a letter) used to represent a value that can change.

Formulas to Know
Area of Circle

A subscript c i r c l e end subscript equals pi r squared

Area of Rectangle

A subscript r e c tan g l e end subscript equals b h

Area of Triangle

A subscript t r i a n g l e end subscript equals 1 half b h

Compound Interest

A equals P open parentheses 1 plus r over n close parentheses to the power of n t end exponent

Volume of Cylinder

V subscript c y l i n d e r end subscript equals pi r squared h

Volume of Rectangular Prism

V subscript r e c t. p r i s m end subscript equals l w h

Volume of Sphere

V subscript s p h e r e end subscript equals 4 over 3 pi r cubed