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Fossil Evidence for Plate Tectonics

Fossil Evidence for Plate Tectonics

Author: Kyle Joslin

Using the following links, you will begin to understand the different types of fossil evidence that were found in order to support plate tectonic theory.

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What are fossils?

Using the following link, read about what fossils are and how they are made! HOLD THE CTRL BUTTON ON YOUR KEYBOARD AS YOU CLICK THE LINK! This will open it in a new tab.

On a piece of paper, answer the following questions:

1. What are fossils?

2. What are 3 things that fossil formation depends on?

3. Is it better for an organism to be buried slowly or quickly for a fossil to be created?

Fossil evidence for Pangaea

The following simulation will give you more evidence as to why fossils played such a huge role in supporting plate tectonic theory. 

Simulation link (HOLD THE CTRL BUTTON ON YOUR KEYBOARD AS YOU CLICK THE LINK! This will open it in a new tab):

Follow these steps in order to complete the simulation:

1. Read the information in the box on the left of the simulation.

2. Follow the procedure in order to put the continents together. 

Hint: The 250 million year old continents are the bottom choice. Also, I suggest clicking each of the things in the "Legend" at the bottom right. That should help you to determine where the continents should go.

3. Once the continents are put together correctly, answer the "Journal" questions (Clipboard on the bottom left, beneath the text box) on your piece of paper. 

Quiz Time!

Go up to the top right of this page, and answer each of the quiz questions. Keep going until you get them all correct! Write down your answers on your piece of paper.