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Author: Nadine Deckert


3-LS4-1 Analyze and interpret data from fossils to provide evidence of the organisms and the environments in which they lived long ago.

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Learning objectives:Students will be able to explain how a fossil is made, explain what a fossil is, and will learn vocabulary related to fossils.


 A person who is a Paleontologist, studies fossils.

When something is an Organisms it means it is a form of life.

When an object is Petrified, it means that it has been turned to stone

To make an Impression with fossils means to apply pressure until a dent is left in the material around the object.

When making fossils Minerals are Earth’s rocks, sand, and soil.

When a fossil is Crystallized, it means that water has been taken away from the minerals.

What are Fossils

Types of Fossils

Trace-Are signs of an animals life. They show how an animal lived,moved, had children, and what they ate

Mold-Formed when mud hardens around a dead organism and the organism is washed away, forming and impression

Cast-Formed like a mold but the impression the gets filled with minerals that crystallize.

Petrified/True Form-A dead organism is rapidly buried and their body is replaced with minerals that harden to stone

Amber-Formed when an object, usually an insect, gets stuck in tree sap that then hardens

Visit the website and Explore. Try the true or false fossil quiz

How are Fossils Formed

Read some Stories, Watch some Videos, Play some Games

Fossil being Uncovered

What do fossils tell us about the past?

How big an organism was

When an organism lived

Where an organism lived

What the organism ate

How an organism walked

How families were formed

What type of plants were around

Big Idea

Go to the Form and answer the question using the knowledge you have learned.