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Foundations of Government: Constitutional Principles

Foundations of Government: Constitutional Principles

Author: Jason Heiser

Discussion on the ideas and documents that have impacted the creation of our government

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Day 1 Constitutional Principles

Discussion of Ch 2 sec 1 from last nights reading assignment

Source: Jason Heiser

Day 2 Constitutional Principles

Looked at the Declaration and the briefly discussed the charges and their origins. Completed a new Government can it work sheet which was the Articles of Confederation.

Source: Jason Heiser

Day 4 Writing of Constitution

discuss of the constitution and its compromises

Source: Jason Heiser

Day 5 Ratification

Look at the Federalists, Anti-Federalists arguments (brief) and the bill of rights. Additionally, writing assignment is explained.

Source: Jason Heiser

Day 6 State government

discussion of the common features of state and federal government. Also, looked at and discussed the similarities and differences in State and Federal Constitution

Source: Jason Heiser