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Foundations of our Government

Foundations of our Government

Author: Jason Heiser
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Foundations: Documents Day 1

Partial discussion on the importance of early documents from English history and America's founding. Discussion also centers around how these documents influenced the Revolution

Source: Jason Heiser

Foundations: Documents Day 2

Today we continued looking at important documents that influenced and shape the US government. Discussed a new government can it work

Source: Jason Heiser

New Government Can it work

Scenario for a change to Americas government


Source: unknown

Preamble - Day 3

Today we talked about the Preamble and the Constitution. Looked about the principles in the Preamble.

Source: Jason Heiser

Federalist and Anti-Federalists Day 4

Today we looked at the arguments that surrounded the approval of the Constitution. After discussing answers from Chart finished with the Principles laid down in the document and whether or not they are still valued by government

Source: Jason Heiser

States: Day 5

Brief discussion of states and rights provided by states

Source: Jason Heiser