Foundations of Social Studies

Foundations of Social Studies

Author: Faith Howell

At the end of the week students will be able to describe each of the five foundations of social studies using both historical and current events. Student will also be able to write an essay detailing how these five foundations impact their lives. 

Students will learn about the five foundations of social studies and explore each foundation. Students will then use a menu to complete activities in class to show their knowledge of each foundation. Students will write a one-page essay detailing how each foundation plays a part in their daily lives. 

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What is a foundation?

Before you build a house, you have to have a strong foundation. The foundation is the part of the house that every other part of the house is built on. Without a strong foundation a house will crumble. That is why we start your year of social studies with the foundations of social studies. These five foundations are the groundwork. If you learn the foundations, your house (or your knowledge of social studies) will stand strong.


Examine the foundation of the house below. Is this a strong of weak foundation? Why? What makes a foundation so important? Answer these questions in complete sentences under "What is a foundation?" on page one of your guided notes.

The Foundations of Social Studies

Use this video to complete your guided notes!

What is economy, again?

Two sixth grade teachers, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Duda will explain some of the terminology you'll need to know to understand economics.

Cultural Differences

In this video you will see some gentlemen from Sudan in Africa who are coming to America. Take notes on the part of our culture they do not understand as well as what you can infer about their culture.