Founders of the Colonies

Founders of the Colonies

Author: Anna Furtado

Grade level: 5th, Subject: History

Standard: 5.4

Students understand the political, religious, social, and economic institutions that evolved in the colonial era.

  • Identify the major individuals and groups responsible for the founding of the various colonies and the reasons for their founding (e.g., John Smith, Virginia; Roger Williams, Rhode Island; William Penn, Pennsylvania; Lord Baltimore, Maryland; William Bradford, Plymouth; John Winthrop, Massachusetts).
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Picture of the Thirteen Colonies

The Founding of the American Colonies

The New England Colonies, and how they were founded.


Why were the colonies founded, and who were the major individuals who made this happen?

To demonstrate this, I want you to create a press, in a group of four. Each individual will pick one colony and create a few slides about who founded it, and why it was founded. This will be presented in class at a later date.