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Four Types of Conflict

Four Types of Conflict

Author: Amy Shank

Student will be be able to identify the four types of conflict.

Students will use this tutorial to review the previous lesson on the plot diagram.  They will then be introduced to the term conflict, and how it fits into the plot diagram model.  Students will then be presented with the four types of conflict: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Society, and Man vs. Self.  After the tutorial, students should be able to apply their knowledge of conflict to in class practice exercises and all future short stories and novels. 

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What is Conflict?

Robin Williams and the Two-Headed Monster introduce the concept of conflict.

Source: Sesame Street

Definition of Conflict

This Educreation will define conflict and review its place on a plot diagram.

Needed for Class

Be prepared to create the next section of your Interactive Notebook...

Must have 

     1. Definition of Conflict

     2. State and define the two main kinds of conflict

    3. List the four types of conflict and know to which kind of conflict they   belong

    4. If you can't answer 1-3 go back and review the tutorial