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Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Author: Kim McCorkle
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Directions for the Day

I am expecting you to do the following in this order:

1. Spiral Review - Day 3

2. Xtra Math

3. Journal Foldable

4. Complete Decimals, Fractions and Percents Sheet - put in "in bin"

5. "Best Buy" Google Form- submit

6. Any corrections or late work - put in "in bin"

7. If you are completely done, get a text book and do on notebook paper:

Page 383 



Page 387


%, Decimal, Fractions Journal Entry

#1: The foldable is on the large table in the front. Journal Entry - scroll to the bottom of this entry and click on "View in Full Screen". COPY EVERYTHING - TYPED AND HANDWRITTEN!!!


Practice Sheet

#2:  Get the Fractions, Decimal and Percent Sheet from the front table. Use your foldable to complete the table (fill in spaces on the worksheet).

When complete, turn in to "in" bin.

#3: GOOGLE FORM: Click on the link in these instructions.

Spend some time thinking about and solving this problem.


Enter your answers and submit the form.

4: When you are done.

Here are your choices:

1. Complete missing work

2. Rework test - remember on notebook paper stapled to original - videos:

3. Work on the textbook problems:


Page 383



Page 387