Fractions & Percents

Fractions & Percents

Author: Emmi Zheng
  1. Introduce percentages.

  2. Demonstrate how to express a fraction as a percentage.

  3. Demonstrate how to express a percentage as a fraction.

  4. Use some form of graphic to help the learner visualize how fractions can be converted to percentages and vice versa.

  5. Give real world/meaningful examples whenever possible.

This learning packet should remind the learner of percents and the relationship between fractions and percents.

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Introducing Percentages

Introduces and gives examples of percentages.

Source: Ms. Hess

Converting Fractions to Percentages

Shows how to express fractions as percentages.

Source: Dr. C

Converting Percentages to Fractions

Shows how to express percentages as fractions.

Source: Dr. C