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Framework for feedback

Framework for feedback

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson introduces two useful frameworks for giving feedback to colleagues.

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Notes on “Framework for Feedback”


(00:00-00:06) Introduction

(00:07-01:04) 2+2 Feedback Framework

(01:05-01:39) Why use 2+2

(01:40-02:59) 2+2 Example

(03:00-03:19) Reflection

(03:20-03:45) Conclusion 

Additional Resources

2x2 Feedback Form

This template is a great tool that allows you to engage in the 2x2 reflection model. Although meant for business, you can recreate the form to name the employee, teacher, and the manager/administrator or colleague, depending on who you are engaging in the reflective practice with. 

Using Student Feedback to Improve Instruction

This is a helpful video on the importance of student feedback.

New York State Department of Education Handbook on Teacher Self-Evaluation

This tool is aligned to UbD and Marzano's framework and mirrors the lessons taught in this comp/concept.