Frankenstein and the Romantic Movement

Frankenstein and the Romantic Movement

Author: Alan Brown

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

1. Identify the background of author Mary Shelley

2. Identify the characteristics and impact of the Enlightenment

3. Identify and interpret theories and tenets of the Romantic Movement

4. Identify characteristics of Gothic Novels

Background on author Mary Shelley and the writing of Frankenstein

Background on the Enlightenment

Background on the Romantic Movement

Background on Gothic Novels

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Mary Shelley and Romanticism

We will begin by getting some background on

our author Mary Shelley

Background on Shelley

Hear Mary Shelley herself tell you about her life and the creation of "Frankenstein" (Watch to 6:24)

Notes on Shelley and the Romantics

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Source: Alan Brown

Presentation Questions

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