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Free Apps For College Students

Free Apps For College Students

Author: Neetu Mayeux

Demonstrates the usefullness of and Evernote

Provide tutorial with screen shots of and Evernote

Discuss the benefits of and Evernote












Educators and students know it can very challenging being a college student. There are several adjustments one has to make in his/her life when entering college. There are several time constraints due to class, assignment due dates, and socializing. Educators may suggest these free apps to students to help with note taking skills and vocabualry.

The two apps included in this packet will not only make a college student’s life a bit easier but will also introduce them to using technolgy in their daily lives for school purposes. The first app is an app that any college student may use to expand their vocabulary. It will assist them in writing papers and become familiar with the usage of words. There are several features located in this app to make sure students only have to look in one place to find it when dealing with terminology. The second app is Evernote; this app is used to take notes from anyplace at any time. Students will be able to sync this app to their mobile device and PC so there is no fuss in transferring notes from one place to another. Students will be able to take notes in several different formats. More will be explained in the slide show below.


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This slide show will show the user all the features available on this app plus benefits. It is not just a dictionary. It contains correct spelling of words, phonetic and audio pronunciation, word definitions, synonym and antonyms, and even a "Word of the Day" feature.

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This slide show will show educators and students a new way of taking notes. No more forgetting ideas or thoughts, everything can be saved on this one app. This app also makes it very easy to find all notes saved and can be synced to other devices so student's notes are always with them.

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