Free Apps For PreSchool And Elementary School Kids

Free Apps For PreSchool And Elementary School Kids

Author: Neetu Mayeux
  • Assist  teachers and parents in finding free apps for pre-school or elementary students.

  • Contains a few samples of free apps.

  • Includes websites to assist those interested in finding out more information on iPads and its free applications for pre-school and elementary students.



Today teachers, students and parents are more inclined to use technology to teach and learn. Educators and parents are using today's resources such as the iPad to get their kids involved in learning at an earlier age. There are many resources available but which ones do you choose? This can be difficult when searching and trying to find apps which are educational and safe. This packet will make finding apps for this age group a little less stressful and more productive.

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Free Apps For Pre-School And Elementary School Kids

This slideshow contains information about free apps available for pre-school and elementary students to use. It also includes a brief description of each app. Websites are also provided for teachers and parents who are interested in finding more free apps for their children.

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