Free Educational Apps for High School Students

Free Educational Apps for High School Students

Author: Neetu Mayeux
  • Demonstrate the usefulness of myHomework and ACTStudent.

  • Assist high school students who have problems with time management and studying for ACT.

  • Provide free tutorial on how to utilize educational resources available on iPad for high school students

Parents and educators all over the country are always fussing at their kids/students about not doing their homework or not putting in enough study time for the ACT. This can be a very crucial time in an adolescent’s life to learn lifelong lessons. iPads have apps, that are free, to help individuals with these very problems. myHomework is a free app for the iPad which helps students to organize their homework, assignment due dates, and extra-curricular activies. This app also includes a calendar with a list of activities that need to be done and a schedule of the user’s classes. This app is very useful in assisting a student with organization when all these events are happening very close to one another. ACTStudent is a free prep app for the student to use in preparation for the ACT. It provides free practice test, along with hundreds of examples of questions in each subject area including english, math, reading and science. Students can use this app to determine what areas they are stronger in and which areas need to be concentrated on.

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This slideshow will demonstrate to educators, parents and students how beneficial the myHomework and ACTStudent app can be in assisting with the challenges of organization and studying for the ACT. It also provides screenshots of the different functions each app has to offer.

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