Free Educational Apps for Middle School Students

Free Educational Apps for Middle School Students

Author: Neetu Mayeux
  • Assist  teachers and parents interested in locating and identifyig free apps for the advancement of middle school student's educational goal.
  • Contains a few samples of free apps.
  • Includes websites to assist those interested in finding out more information on iPads and its free applications for middle school students.

Today not only are educators and students more willing to use technology to learn, so are the parents. iPads have made utilizing technological advancements a much easier task to accomplish. However, finding free applications on the Internet can be frustrating. This packet will help guide the user to a few websites, that are dedicated to providing information on free apps, especially those geared towards this specific age group and the different subject areas correlating with them.

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Free Apps For Middle School Kids

Today there are hundreds of iPad apps available at no cost to teachers, parents or students. These apps can be integrated into the classroom setting or used outside as an alternative aid for students trying to learn or teachers trying to teach. Both teachers and students benefit from these applications. These apps presented are merely a fraction of what is available for the iPad.

Source: Self Created

Tutorial on 24/7 Tutor


Step by step instructions on how to find free apps located on this website.


Source: Self Created;http://www.onlinedegrees.org/


Step by step instructions on how to find free apps located on this website


Source: Self Created; http://www.detroitmommies.com


Step by step instructions on how to find free apps located on this website