Free Speech and Press

Free Speech and Press

Author: Kat Morse

By the end of tutorial, students will be able to demonstrate their understanding on a quiz by showing where the right to free speech and press is found in the constitution, its limitations, and ways it can be used.

This tutorial covers the right and protection of free speech and press. Students will view and interpret a image, a video, and read an article, all pertaining to free speech. They then will contemplate the Big Question about free speech, followed by a quiz to demonstrate their newfound knowlege.

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12.8 Students evaluate and take and defend positions on the influence of the media on American political life.
1. Discuss the meaning and importance of a free and responsible press.
2. Describe the roles of broadcast, print, and electronic media, including the Internet, as means of communication in American politics.
3. Explain how public officials use the media to communicate with the citizenry and toshape public opinion.

This video explains the First Amendment. Look for freedom of speech, and the importance of the fourteenth amendment. What is this clause called?

Freedom of Press

How is freedom of expression and press related. How does this work with speech?

Site on First Amendment

This web page explains the rights given by the First Amendment. I want you to go on to the page, read about the Freedoms of Speech and Press. After I want you to answerthe BIG QUESTION below in your notebooks, and take the quiz. These will be due Friday


Big Question!

What does Freedom of Speech mean? What about Freedom of Press. How do these two freedoms work together? How can these freedoms be limited? What role does the media play in both of these freedoms?

Answer the above questions in your notebook, to be turned in on Friday. I want at least three sentences on each question.