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French -Er Verbs

French -Er Verbs


Students will be able to conjugate regular present tense -er verbs by forming the stem and following conjugation rules. 

Students will practice pronunciation of all verb forms. 

In French, there are many different forms to each verb.  Regular verbs follow the same pattern for that verb family.  Luckily, many of these verb forms sound the same, in what we call the "boot." Unfortunately for many students, the written forms differ in each pronoun form. Verb forms are very easy to master in the regular form.

Er verbs are our first family of verbs.  Er verbs are great to start with because they describe many of the actions we like to do like play, dance, sing, and eat!


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French Er Verbs

Er verb practice

For the first section, conjugate the -er verb in parentheses. For the second, correct the -er verb.


Source: Maggie Pellerin