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French I AHS - Introduce yourself in French

French I AHS - Introduce yourself in French

Author: Tassaduq Altaf

Students will learn in this first lesson how to say their name, age, profession, nationality, where do they live in French.

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French I AHS

Lesson 1 - Introduce yourself

Présente toi/Introduce yourself


I want to start our first class by showing you how you introduce yourself in French.

How to say hello, say your name, your age, your profession, your nationality, where do you live, just the very basic.

Please watch the following presentation on my google drive where I am going to break this down and it is going to be easier for you to follow step by step, don't forget to write each sentence in your notebook with the translation. I will check your notebook once a week. 

After you have watched the presentation, I would like each one of you to do the same using your information, I will invite you all on "Google Hangouts" and we will speak French. Please check your email for date and time of our hangout.

Allons-y, let's go and let's have fun!

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Lesson 1 - Quiz online google form