French Revolution: The Terror

French Revolution: The Terror

Author: Ben Porter
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French Revolution: The Terror

There was a rumor that the queen was storing large amounts of grain.  They decided to storm the King and Queen’s palace during the _____________ ___________________.  The King and Queen were forced to move to Paris.

A new group at this time began to grow in strength, called the __________________.

 The National Assembly, worried about the Jacobins gaining too much power, tried to violently ____________ them.

Austria and Prussia were not happy about the treatment of the King and Queen, and soon __________ broke out.

King Louis XVI supported Prussia, was seen as an enemy of the revolution, but on trial, and found guilty.  He was put to ______________ by guillotine. 

The _____________ was a device created to put people to death.

The _____________________ ________ ________________ __________________ was created to find and execute anyone seen to be an enemy of the revolution.

There were an estimated _________________ people who were executed by the guillotine.


the Terror

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