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Freshwater Biomes

Freshwater Biomes

Author: Amanda Soderlind

This lesson will provide an understanding of the characteristics and role of freshwater biomes, and its effect on living things.

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-also known as swamps or bogs

-provide habitat for many living organisms including plants and animals

-filter and store water

Streams & Rivers:


-because of faster moving water in streams there are few plants/algae

-rivers that are slower moving can be home to some plant life

-organisms have adapted to the moving water and have a body type that allows them to successfully live in streams or rivers.

-because of the moving water there is a high level of oxygen in streams and rivers

-streams and rivers are homes to fish, snails, birds, insects and many other  types of  animal life



Ponds & Lakes:

-bodies of standing water

-lakes= deeper and larger

-much plant and algae life

-many organisms from fish, birds, insects, turtles and bacteria play an important role in pond and lake biomes

Source: Prentice Hall Science Explorer. Environmental Science. Copywright 2009

Freshwater Biomes