Freshwater Biomes

Freshwater Biomes

Author: Nathan Lampson
This lesson will provide an understanding of the characteristics and role of freshwater biomes, and its effect on living things.
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Freshwater biomes provide access to fresh water to living terrestrial animals like deer and humans as well as habitat for aquatic organisms.  


Wetlands are areas of land that are saturated with water.  Wetlands are able to store floodwaters, improve water quality, and provide organismal habitats.  

Streams & Rivers

Streams & Rivers are names for different amounts of water flowing on the earths surface.  The water in streams and rivers comes from water that flows off of land surfaces (run off).

Ponds & Lakes

Lakes and ponds are bodies of freshwater that range in size and have a number of differing characteristics.

Lakes are much larger and deeper than ponds.  Additionally, lakes have deep areas where light cannot reach and have much warmer surface temperatures than bottom temperatures.

In this image, a stream tributary meets a river.