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Friends in my Digital Life - Week 3

Friends in my Digital Life - Week 3

Author: Douglas Sias
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Groups and friends

Are you still with us? Let's continue the journey.

This week we look at the Group tools and how you can get your friends to help you build a better online professional life. We focus on:

  1. Finding groups: There are probably no groups as yet, but it is advisable to first look for a group before you set one up. There's search function, if you do not see the groups.
  2. My Groups: Once you have joined (or created) groups, you will see them under "My Groups"
  3. Setting up a group: If there are no groups for you to join and your search does not find any, starting your own group is next. Give the group a name that will make it easy to identify (E.g. "UCT Occupation Therapy 2015")
  4. Inviting Friends: Once groups are set up, you can invite users to join you as virtual friends (professional colleagues). Be sure to invite (and accept) those who will give you their views (peer assessments) to help you be the "best" virtual professional person you can be.
    • Task: Invite your “Peer assessors” and share your artefacts (or collection) with them. Ask them for feedback (see rubric).
  5. Joining an Institution: Request Institutional Membership to “My Professional Digital Life 2015”

For comments, queries and thoughts, please share on the group wall.