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From Hunter Gatherers to Farmers: How Agriculture Changed Everything

From Hunter Gatherers to Farmers: How Agriculture Changed Everything

Author: James Mccrary

• identify culture specific to the Neolithic & Paleolithic eras from a YouTube video using a Google Form
• compare the lives of hunters and gatherers during the Paleolithic Age with the lives of people during the Neolithic Age collaboratively using a Google Sheet
• explain how the domestication of plants and animals created a stable food supply and led to important changes in shelter, communities, jobs, and trade using a Google Form

In this lesson, you will discover the shift from hunting and gathering, common for the Paleolithic Age, to farming. Farming, or agriculture to be more precise, developed around 8000 B.C.E. bringing an end to the Paleolithic, or Old Stone Age and starting the New Stone Age (Neolithic Age). Also with this discovery would come the development of permanent settlements and specialization. 

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You may need to sign in to your Google Drive account to access some content in this lesson. If you do not, not all items may show up properly.




In the video in this lesson entitled "Stone Age" , you will be introduced to a group of nomads who hunt and gather their food. While you watch, think of the following question. Be certain to take note of what life was like before and after this development (or discovery). There is a Google Form below the video for you to place your thoughts. Make certain you submit your responses prior to moving forward in the lesson.


How did the development (or discovery) of agriculture change the group's daily life?



**Note: when you see a bold underlined word, you may click it for the definition.**

Stone Age

Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age (From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers)

Your thoughts on the video

Compare & Contrast the Paleolithic & Neolithic Ages

In the Google Sheet below, use your knowledge you gained from the video (and submitted to the form) to fill in the two columns with information you noticed. Type in items, actions, or culture in both the Paleolithic and Neolithic columns. Make sure you use short descriptive words instead of sentences. You will notice this sheet is live and your classmates are also adding to the list. It is ok if some items repeat.

Final Assessment

In your own words and using evidence provided in the Google Sheet above, answer the following question in a short paragraph. Make certain to reference at least three examples from the sheet.



How did the development (or discovery) of agriculture change the group's daily life?


It will need to be in size 12 Arial or Times New Roman black font. You will write your response in your Google Drive account by creating a new document. Make sure to move your final document into your social studies folder so it can be graded.