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From the Rocket to the Hockey Sweater

From the Rocket to the Hockey Sweater

Author: Beth Barsness
  1. Students will improve interpretive, interpersonal and presentational skills by:
  • Discussing questions in French as a pre-viewing activity; viewing the film, Maurice Richard, and answering questions using examples from the film
  • Reading and viewing the short story “Le chandail de hockey”
  • Writing and presenting their own story, real or invented, about cultural, linguistic or another form of perceived injustice.

This unit gives an overview of Quebec in the mid- to latter-20th Century and allows students to hear various dialects of French spoken in Quebec by viewing a film (The Rocket/Maurice Richard) and watching a short video (“Le chandail de hockey”).  The film includes many passages in French that will not be very comprehensible to the students due to the dialect of the speakers and the interference of other noises during in the film. The sub-titles will help the students with the difficult passages. The video, on the other hand, is particularly well suited for this activity as the French is very clear and relatively easy to understand but illustrates many of the features of spoken French in Québec.  Both of these satisfy the requirements of the AP French Language and Culture curriculum that the materials be authentic and created for native audiences.

Length of time needed: 4-5 class periods (50 minutes each)

This lesson was written by Larry Tuura.

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Lesson Plan

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Source: Larry Tuura