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Fun with One Computer

Fun with One Computer

Author: Fred Lambertson

• The student will be able to identify the six major biomes

• The student will be able to define what a biome is

• The student will be able to recognize that ice caps and mountains are not considered biomes

Students will learn about the six different terrestrial biomes on Earth and create them as postcards. Utilizing online resources and images found on Google images the students will create realistic postcards and collaborate with classmates to complete a set of all 6 Biomes.

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Day 1

This lesson will include the use of the teacher computer. First students will watch the Biome song from the link below:


Next students will take notes regarding the different Biomes in class based on the Powerpoint presentation.


When notes are complete the teacher will assign the first student to begin web browsing Google images at:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47534661,d.cGE&fp=30c322e7319629ee&biw=1630&bih=821.


Other students will be able to view the web browsing as the overhead projector is on and in view of the entire class.

Students will during this time begin to create their postcards.



Students will continue to take turns researching Biome plant life and animal life. Students need to make sure they have indigenous plant life and animals on one side of the postcard, complete with color and detail. On the opposite side they need to write a note to someone telling of what they see in the biome of postcard they sent.

Day 3:

Students will continue to work on their postcards and as students complete their postcards they will collaborate with other classmates to complete their biome set. When all students are complete with their postcards they will walk around class and complete their Biome set to make sure they have all 6 terrestrial biomes. At the end of class, after I have noted their work down they will post the postcards in class on any part of the classroom.


The class will watch a final video:

Watch this Song first!

Biome song for your listening pleasure

Biomes Summarized

Wrapped up in a neat little nutshell