Fun With Prepositions

Fun With Prepositions

Author: sharon adams

Students will be able to recognize prepositions in a sentence.

Students will be able to know what type of question a preposition asks.

Students will be able to use a preposition correctly in a sentence.

Students will know that a preposition needs an object to accompany it in a sentence.

Where we are is an important question.  It also gives more information to our writing so that we can see more of the picture of what is really happening.  There was a man in the bible who when people asked about him they would answer with a preposition.  this man's name was Enoch.  Genesis 5:24 says that Enoch walked with God.  When people ask about us what kind of prepositional phrase would they use?  

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Fun with Prepositions

Students should have watched video introducing propostions.

Fun with prepositions

Fun with Prepositions

Students in groups of three or four will be given an envelope with eight words in them.  Four of these words will be prepositions and the other four will be a mix of nouns, verbs and adjectives.  The students will be asked to divide the words into two groups----first find the four words that are the same kind of words and decide what kind of words these are.   The other words will be the mix group.  When they have them sorted one person from the group will bring up the four words from the preposition group and put them on our word wall.

While these groups are working, another group will be putting a sentence in order and stand with it at the front of the class.  We will look at the sentence and the different kinds of words.  

Example:  The cat ran behind the tree.  Cat=noun,  ran=verb,  behind=preposition, the=modifier, tree=object or noun

We will talk briefly how the preposition needs an object to make a complete prepositional phrase.

Students will use their ipads to take pictures of their partners beside, inside, under etc.  something in the classroom and upload it to the following map on padlet.  They will also need to write a sentence using the preposition correctly that describes what is happening in their picture.  example:  Ted is under the desk.  padlet.com

Fun with Prepositions

Students will take a short quiz using Socrative.com     

Fun with prepositions--homework to prepare for the class tomorrow