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Functional Groups, Linkages and Reaction Types

Functional Groups, Linkages and Reaction Types


By the end of this lesson, students will:

  • complete the note template for this class

AND   be able to identify, name, describe and write the structural formulae for:

  • hydroxide, methyl, carboxyl, amino, phosphate and sulfhydryl functional groups
  • ether, ester, anhydride and peptide linkages
  • condensation, hydrolysis, redox, phosphorylation, neutralization reaction types


  • complete the embedded quiz questions.

This 12U biochemistry lesson covers the functional groups, linkages and reaction types that students will see and work with in this and subsequent units of the course.

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Functional Groups

Overview of the functional groups and their properties.

Source: Meg O'Mahony

Linkages in Biology

Source: Meg O'Mahony

Types of Biochemical Reaction

Description of the types of Biochemical Reactions that will be seen in the S6Biology course: condensation, hydrolysis, neutralization, redox, phosphorylation.
I made 2 mistakes - what are they?

Source: Meg O'Mahony, figure is Open Source

Student Notes Template for Functional Groups, Linkages and BIochemical Reaction Types.

Template for notes for the last 2 videos


Source: Meg O'Mahony, Open Source image