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This tutorial is for Ms. Cranga's Algebra 1 class 9/29. This is the introduction to functions. Tomorrow in class we will be working with these concepts.

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Today we will be introducing the functions. We will learn what a function is and how to evaluate a function at given input values. Then, we will learn how to determine if a point is a solution to a given function without graphing the function. We will be using these skills in class tomorrow.

Review of Order of Operations

This is the order in which you should be conducting calculations. Parthesis first, exponents, multiplcation, division, addition, and lastly subtraction. This will help us when we are evaluating functions at given input values.







Introduction to Functions

This Prezi will tach you function basics, and how to evaluate functions at given input values. Tomorrow in class we will be using the material from this Prezi. Please take notes

Determining if a Point is a Solution to the Function

This video will serve as a demonstration to determine if a point is a solution to a given function. Having a strong knowledge of order of operations will help you with these types of problems. Please take notes.


Function: A relationship between a set of input values and a set of output values

Input Value: A value that we put in to a function, x values

Output Value: A value that we generate from a function, y values

Introduction to Functions Prezi

Here is the Prezi used to make the Introduction to Functions video. Please feel free to review it if it helps you! :)

Determining if a Point is a Solution Prezi

Here is a copy of the Prezi used to make the video above. Feel free to look it over if it helps you! :)