FUNCTIONS - Number Systems/Sets

FUNCTIONS - Number Systems/Sets

Author: Kate Sidlo
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FUNCTIONS - Number Systems

Number System Venn Diagram


CONTINUOUS: A set with no breaks in domain or range

DECREASING: A function that goes down as you move across the graph from left to right

DEPENDENT: A variable that is changed based on another variable. Y-variable.

DISCRETE: A set with breaks in the domain or range

DOMAIN: The set of all inputs or x-values for a function

FINITE: A set that ends. Shown on a graph with using points at the ends.

FUNCTION: A relationship where every input has one and only one output

INCREASING: A function that goes up as you move across the graph from left to right

INDEPENDENT: A variable that is changed by choice. X-Variable.

INFINITE: A set that never ends; lasts forever. Shown on a graph using arrows at the ends.

INPUT: A term or number that is plugged into a relationship; the x-variable in an ordered pair

LINEAR: A function in the shape of a line

NON LINEAR: A function not in the shape of a line; curve

RANGE: The set of all outputs or y-values for a function.

RELATIONSHIP: A comparison of terms, variables, and/or numbers (typically an equation or inequality)

OUTPUT: A term or number that is the answer or solution to a relationship; the y-variable in an ordered pair

VERTICAL LINE TEST: A test that uses vertical lines to check if a graph is a function. Each vertical line can intersect a graph only once for a graph to be a function.