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Functions of Bone

Functions of Bone

Author: Aaron Mullally

- Identify the various functions of bone in the human body

- Describe how bones and muscles work together to create movement

- Define the word hematopoiesis and identify it as a function of bone

This tutorial will go over the functions of bone

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Overview of Bone Functions

Bone tissue is the most organized connective tissue with diversity of functions. Bone tissue is capable of so much because of its cellular composition and mineral composition, which you will learn about in the next packet.

Here are the functions of bone:

1) Structure: the physical composition of bone allows it to take on different shapes which in turn gives us shape and form

2) Physical protection: the inorganic mineral composition of bone gives it a high degree of strength. Since many bones cover soft vital organs this feature is quite useful

3) Movement: bones don't create movement but act as levers for their attached muscles to pull on (see video for more)

4) Blood cell formation: otherwise known as hematopoiesis. The red bone marrow in flat bones and the ends of long bones is where this takes place

5) Mineral storage: most of the body's minerals are stored in bones; in a later packet you will learn about how this is regulated

6) Electrolyte balance: lots of the minerals within bone can be utilized if our electrolyte balance is off. Calcium will be the main mineral you will learn about

7) Remodelling: everything mentioned above plays a role in the process of remodelling. Remodelling is basically when bones either add more layers of tissue or take away layers. Bone does this in response to physical/mechanical stress. You will learn about this process more in another packet as well.

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Overview of Bone Functions

This video gets you started on the topic of bone by over viewing its functions.

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Functions of Bone

Here are the functions of bone

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