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Functions of Schooling

Functions of Schooling

Author: Sadie Pendaz

This lesson will discuss the major functions of schooling.

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Terms to Know
Cultural Innovation Function of Schooling

A function of schooling that creates new ideas and technologies that have ramifications for society and culture.

Latent Functions of Schooling

Latent functions of schooling are those things that are not immediately recognized like schooling providing childcare, and schooling keeping young people out of the workplace as competitors.

Social Integration Function of Schooling

A function of schooling that shapes all manner of diverse pupils so that they come to share similar cultural norms and values.

Social Placement Function of Schooling

A function of schooling that sorts individuals such that they go on to fill various positions in the division of labor as adults.

Socialization Function of Schooling

A function of schooling that passes on the skills and attributes that students will need in order to grow into successful, functional adults in society.