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Fundamentals of Catholicism Unit 1 Holiness

Fundamentals of Catholicism Unit 1 Holiness

Author: Jon McGurran
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U1 Day 2: The Call to Holiness

1.) Why should Christians seek perfection?
2.) Is perfection possible for human beings?
3.) How does a person perfect him or herself?
4.) How does Christian holiness go beyond obedience?
5.) What does obeying the commandments have to do with the initiation to follow Christ?

D3 Called to be Saints through Grace

Day 3

1.) What is a saint? How does a person become a saint?
2.) What does “Sanctus” mean?
3.) What happened to many of the early Christians?
4.) What is the mystical body of Christ?
5.) What is sanctifying grace?

D4 Discipleship and Evangelization

1.) What is discipleship
2.) List the five marks of a disciple
3.) What is the connection between the Sacraments and discipleship?
4.) What are the two questions should Christians ask themselves?
5.) Who are the first people we should evangelize?

D5 Dominican Values

No Podcast for tonight. Instead, I have an assignment for you.

There are Four Dominican Values that we will discuss in class. They are...

1.) Prayer

2.) Community

3.) Study

4.) Ministry

You need to

1.) Define these words. Not just using the dictionary, but in your own words tell me what these words mean.

2.) Interview 3 people and ask them what these words mean to them. These 3 people must be 1 family member, 1 friend, 1 teacher.

This is due on Friday.

Unit 1 Study Guide

1.) What is the universal call to holiness?

2.) What is a Saint?

3.) What is grace?

4.) What is a disciple of Christ?

5.) What does it mean to Evangelize?

6.) What is the Mystical Body of Christ?

7.) List and explain the four Dominican Pillars.

8.) How are we a witness of our faith?

9.) What is the Catechism?

10.) List and explain the five marks of the disciple. (Important)

11.) What are two questions every Christian must ask themselves?


This is DUE on Tuesday. We will review and your Quiz is on Thursday.