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Fundamentals of Catholicism Unit 2 God

Fundamentals of Catholicism Unit 2 God

Author: Jon McGurran
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D1 Knowing God through Human Reason

1.) Why did God create us?
2.) What desire did God give all people so he or she would seek him?
3.) Finish the quote by St. Augustine… “My heart is….”
4.) What did St. Thomas Aquinas demonstrate?
5.) Write down and briefly describe each of the “Five Ways”.

D2 Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition

1.) What is Divine Revelation?
2.) What is salvation history?
3.) What is Sacred Tradition?
4.) What is Sacred Scripture?
5.) What does the word "testament" mean?

D3 Magisterium and the Response of Faith

1.) What is the Magisterium?
2.) Who was the leader of the Apostles and early Church?
3.) What did Christ send his Apostles to do before his Ascension?
4.) What is Faith
5.) What is the Deposit of Faith?

D4 The Trinity

1.) What is the Blessed Trinity?
2.) What belief made the Israelites unique in the ancient world?
3.) What is the Shema?
4.) What role does the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit play in the Christian life?
5.) According to CCC 259, how are the Persons of the Blessed Trinity at work in Every Christian?

D5 Creation

1.) How was God seen in the Old Covenant (testament) by the Israelites?
2.) What does Jesus reveal about God the Father?
3.) What does it mean that only God truly creates?
4.) What is "ruah"?
5.) What are the three truths that are revealed about humanity because we are made in God's existence?

D6 The Fall

1.) How is God our Father?
2.) Did Adam and Eve die after eating from the Tree of the KNowledge of Good and Evil?
3.) What is Concupiscence?
4.) What is Original Sin?
5.) What happened with Cain and Abel?
6.) What is Natural Law?

D7 Protoevangelium and the Covenants

1.) What is the protoevangelium?
2.) Briefly describe the Covenant of Noah
3.) Briefly describe the Covenant of Abraham
4.) Briefly describe the Covenant of Moses
5.) Briefly describe the Covenant of David

Unit 2 Study guide

7th Grade Unit 2 Study Guide

  1. List and explain the five ways of St. Thomas Aquinas.
  2. What is Divine Revelation, Salvation History, Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, Magisterium and Faith?
  3. Explain the Blessed Trinity.
  4. Explain Monotheism and Polytheism.
  5. Why are human beings the pinnacle of creation?
  6. How is God our Father?
  7. What is Original Sin?
  8. What is natural law?
  9. What is the protoevangelium?
  10. Who did God make the Old Testament covenants with? (5 names)