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Fundamentals of Catholicism Unit 3 Jesus Christ

Fundamentals of Catholicism Unit 3 Jesus Christ

Author: Jon McGurran
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Advent project

Advent Research

1. What day does advent begin on this year?

2. What is Advent?

3. Advent comes from the Latin word_____which means_______?

4. When do we light the pink candle?

5. What is the week that we light the pink candle called?

6. What does the Advent wreath represent?

7. What does each week of Advent represent?

8. The third Sunday of Advent is known as________Sunday.

9. What is an Advent Calendar?

10. When was Advent first observed?

11. The first Sunday of Advent also marks the _________________ for the church?

12. Why is the liturgical color of the season Purple?

13. What holiday did the Pagans celebrate on Christmas?

14. What is a Jesse tree?

15. What are posadas?

16. Why do Posadas only last 9 days?

17. All these saints are associated with Advent. Tell me what they did:
a. Mary
b. St. Francis Xavier
c. St. John Damascene
d. St. Nicholas
e. St. Ambrose
f. St. Lucy
g. St. John of the Cross

18. What did you learn about Advent? How can the experience of Advent help your faith


When you are finished, with your partner

You need to read Matthew 1:18-2:23. Take notes on the section and then write a half page summary about this section.

Modern Nativity Project

Fundamentals of Catholicism—Nativity Project

Now that you have watched the movie and took notes on the Bible passages, you can put all that information together for a project.



  1. With the partner that you did the notes with, make a detailed timeline of the Nativity.
  2. Write a story about the Nativity as if it happened in modern times. Include all details.
  3. Make a powerpoint or Imovie to tell the class your story. Remember the importance of accurate details.


The Imovie/Powerpoint will be judged on:

  • Effectiveness of presenting your story
  • Including all key details in your story and your timeline
  • Originality and creativity
  • Attractiveness
  • A minimum of 2 minute, a max of 3. Must include all relevant information.
  • If using a powerpoint, presentation must last 2-3 minutes.

Remember the four things you will turn in

  • 1.) Timeline of the nativity story
  • 3.) The written story of your “modern” Nativity (should have plenty of detail. At least a page.)
  • 4.) Present your movie/powerpoint.


You will have two class periods to complete.

Religion portion of the Holiday Project

Holiday Traditions Project

Religion Portion

You have already done the Holiday portion for your other classes. Today you will work on the Religion portion. This involves looking up a Saint from your country and doing research and telling us their story.

The steps are

  • Get in your groups for the Holiday project
  • Find a saint from your country.
  • Research using 3 different sites (No wiki, and you must cite it.)
  • Write a paper in your own words telling us the story of this saint.
  • Make a small poster representing your saint.
  • Get as much done as you can in 1 class period we might use a 2nd if you need it.

D1 The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Incarnation

1.) What are some of the prophesies that the Old Testament had about the Messiah?
2.) How is Mary connected to Eve?
3.) What is the visitation?
4.) What two prayers are based on the visitation?
5.) What is the nativity?

D2 The Incarnation and titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary

1. What is the incarnation?
2. Is Jesus Christ man or God? (How many natures/persons does he have?)
3. List and briefly (1 or 2 sentences) explain the 8 titles of Mary given in this lecture.

D3 Christ's Hidden Years

1. What is the "Hidden years"
2. What did Jesus do during these hidden years?
3. What was his relationship with his parents?

D4 Christ in the Gospels

1. Write down the St. Jerome quote. What does it mean?
2. List the four Gospels and tell me about each of them.
3. Why was Christ baptized?

D5 Christ's Public Ministry

List and briefly explain the 7 facts about Christ's public ministry.

Describe how he entered Jerusalem.