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Future Jobs Will be Found in Science and Industry

Future Jobs Will be Found in Science and Industry

Author: Guo Liao

If you’re one of those lucky people who simply have to “choose” a career, then seriously consider scientific and technical studies. With hiring the worst it has been in years, you have to place confident bets when it comes to choosing what professional cover letter writing service you wish to pursue. It’s true that not everyone is born to become a scientist, doctor, researcher, or technician. But anyone with any fledgling interest in science or math needs to stop and think about the following facts and figures regarding the future of employment in both this country and the world as a whole.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has occupational projections up to the year 2018. According to their data, utility work is set to decrease by 11%, reflecting the switch to more automated systems of energy collection and disbursement. While no other industry is set to backtrack, the majority of industries will see little growth, including finance, information, management, and food service, which all hover between 5% and 10% growth. Middle-of-the-road growth can be seen in education, where 12% growth is predicted, arts and entertainment where 15% growth is projected, and waste management where 18% growth is expected.

But when it comes to scientific, technical, or healthcare related industries, these projections skyrocket. According to the BLS, 26% of new job creation in this country over the next six years will be in the healthcare and social services industries. This converts to 24% growth. But the top dog is the “professional, scientific, and technical services” category, which is projected to see 34% growth. Companies like Huntingdon Life Sciences are going to need to hire more specialists and additional experts to meet the demands of increased regulation and growing concern for safety and security.

The message is clear. Anything to do with science and human care is a study that is guaranteed to grow at a rate that provides opportunity for just about anyone who wants it. Unlike in other industries where limited growth is sure to lead to high competition and low availability, the lack of qualified individuals in the pool of employment in the science and healthcare arenas is sure to keep options open for those interested for a long time.

So the question becomes: Are you interested? If I had a mind meant for math and science, I know I would be.

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