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Author: Erin Aldana

This lesson will explore Futurism.

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Boccioni, Unique forms of Continuity in Space; Public Domain:,_1913_bronze_by_Umberto_Boccioni.jpg, : Rodin, Walking Man, Creative Commons, , Boccioni, The Street Enters the House; Public Domain:, Boccioni, Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash, Creative Commons,, Gino Severini, The Armored Train; creative commons:,  Casa Sant’Elia, Public Domain,, cover of Blast, Public Domain,, Bomberg, The Mud Bath, Public Domain,,_The_Mud_Bath.jpg

Terms to Know

An early 20th-century art movement, characterized by having themes that celebrate technology.


A public announcement.


An artistic and literary movement in England that was influenced by Futurism and was most active before WWI.