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2 Tutorials that teach Gamification and Badges
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Gamification and Badges

Gamification and Badges

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, you will learn how badges are connected to gamification and provide incentives for students

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Notes on "Gamification and Badges"


(00:00 - 00:10) Introduction

(00:11 - 00:22) What will you learn today?

(00:23 - 01:11) What is a badge?

(01:12-  01:40) Why are Award Badges great for the classroom?

(01:41 - 02:01) What did you learn today?

(02:02 - 02:35) Reflection



Additional Resources

Six Ways to Look at Badging Systems Designed for Learning 

This article provides a great overview with examples of the six purposes of badges in the classroom. Included in the article are images and links to resources to help you use badges in your classroom aligned to the purpose that best meets your objectives.