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Gamification and CBE

Gamification and CBE

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, you will learn how to develop a competency based lesson using gamification strategies and adaptive technologies

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Notes on "Gamification and CBE"


(00:00 - 00:09) Introduction

(00:10 - 00:31) What will you learn today?

(00:32 - 01:00) What is competency based education?

(01:01 - 01:46) What do CBE and gamification have in common?

(01:47 - 02:40) How do you create a CBE lesson using adaptive learning technologies?

(02:41 - 03:30) What did you learn today?

(03:31 - 04:10) Reflection


Additional Resources

What are the five steps to competency-based education?

This post reviews of the 5 steps of competency based education and tips for linking CBE with gamification. The steps are easy to follow and apply in your classroom.

Competency-Based Education

Sasha Thackaberry blogs about CBE and connects competency based education with digital badges. In this post, she includes a narrated presentation on CBE and the Breakthrough Models Incubator Project. Importantly, she includes a creative commons cheat sheet on CBE with connected links and resources that you can download as you explore CBE. The cheat sheet is a helpful tool for anyone getting started or interested in CBE.