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Gamification and CBE

Gamification and CBE

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, you will learn how to develop a competency based lesson using gamification strategies and adaptive technologies

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In this tutorial, we'll outline how to create a competency-based education lesson using adaptive learning technologies and concepts of gamification. We'll begin with a review of competency based education, or CBE, we'll connect CBE and gamification, and finally we'll list steps that you can follow in order to design this lesson.

Let's begin with a review of competency-based education. CBE is a model of education in which progress occurs upon demonstrated mastery of a concept rather than upon completion of a set amount of seat time. CBE can occur in person or online, though often CBE is featured in a self-paced online learning program.

In these online environments, when a student demonstrates mastery of a concept they're able to move on to the next set of competencies right away. So how does CBE connect to gamification? In a gamified environment, students can learn at their own pace using adaptive learning technology or software, or online learning platforms.

As students demonstrate mastery of concepts and skills, they earn badges or experience points, and then they're allowed to move on to the next challenge. TenMarks Math, SumDog, and Read Naturally are examples of some programs that use this model.

In order to create a competency-based education lesson that incorporates adaptive learning technology and elements of gamification, here are some steps that you can follow. Begin by establishing a baseline with the use of a pre-test. Set objectives for your students and build a playlist for the class based on the results of the pre-test and these objectives.

Then provide opportunities for students to work through the playlist in class at their own pace. Demonstrate for students how they can track their own data. And celebrate students' successes with award badges, either those built into the program or ones that you have created yourself.

In this tutorial, we reviewed competency-based education and examined how CBE connects to gamification. Finally, we outlined steps for creating a competency-based education lesson that uses both adaptive learning technology and elements of gamification, including badges. Now it's your turn to stop and reflect.

Do you see the connections between CBE and gamification? Are there particular topics in your content area that would be a good fit for a CBE-based lesson, incorporating adaptive learning and gamification?

For more information on how to apply what you learned in this video, please view the additional resources section that accompanies this video presentation. The additional resources section includes hyperlinks useful for applications of the course material, including a brief description of each resource. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

Notes on "Gamification and CBE"

(00:00 - 00:24) Introduction

(00:25 - 00:54) Review CBE

(00:55 - 01:23) CBE and Gamification

(01:24 - 02:04) CBE Lesson Using Gamification and Adaptive Technology

(02:05 - 02:22) Review

(02:23 - 02:59) Stop and Reflect

Additional Resources

Competency-Based Education

Sasha Thackaberry blogs about CBE and connects competency based education with digital badges. In this post, she includes a narrated presentation on CBE and the Breakthrough Models Incubator Project. Importantly, she includes a creative commons cheat sheet on CBE with connected links and resources that you can download as you explore CBE. The cheat sheet is a helpful tool for anyone getting started or interested in CBE.