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Gamification Strategies

Gamification Strategies

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, you will learn several gamification strategies

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Notes on "Gamification Strategies"


(00:00 - 00:11) Introduction

(00:12 - 00:32) What will you learn today?

(00:33 - 00:58) What is Gamification in the Classroom?

(00:59-  01:55) What are the components of a Gamified Classroom?

(01:56 - 03:06) How can Gamification be integrated in the Classroom?

(03:07 - 03:50) What did you learn today?

(03:51 – 04:35) Reflection


Additional Resources

Gamification of Education

This wiki includes research, strategies, and resources on applying gamification in education. In addition, three games that can be used in education are included for your review. This wiki also walks you through making a decision to use a game or to gamify your classroom.

Classroom Game Design: Paul Andersen at TEDxBozeman

Paul Andersen of Bozeman Science gives a TED Talk on using gaming strategies in the classroom. Anderson provides a vivid description of his classroom as a gamified environment. Andersen stresses motivation and engagement as the benefits of gamification. He also stresses that in games, students fail, try, and try again until they have success making learning fun and interactive.